There are multiple varieties of sunglasses to choose from, and while they can be super fun to pick out, let's discuss why it's important to own a nice pair of sunglasses.  Investing in a quality pair of sunglasses is essential for your ocular health.  There are many ocular diseases that are caused by the harmful rays of the sun.  These include macular degeneration, early-onset of cataracts, ocular melanoma, and skin cancer of the eyelids.

Did you know that there are many sunglasses that are tinted, but don't provide any UV protection?  This can cause more damage to the eyes than going without, since your pupils will dilate behind the tinted lenses without any protection.  UV protection is included in all our Maui Jim sunglasses, and other frame lines we carry.  So put a stop to squinting and eye strain, and let's get your in a pair of quality sunglasses that makes sure your eyes stay protected.  Here at NOVA Optique + Eyecare, we carry brands that provide only the best UV protection and style.