At NOVA Optique + Eyecare not only do we care about the health of your eyes, but we also care how you look in your new glasses. We have picked out independent lines with the most unique, yet quality frames that you won't find just anywhere.

dita Founded in 1995, DITA reinvented eyewear by transcending its conventions, creating a discreet luxury with product ranging from bold character frames to new interpretations of timeless shapes through innovative technology. DITA's design and manufacturing standards are regarded as a benchmark by which other luxury eyewear brands are judged. With over 20 years in design and partners at the highest levels of manufacturing, DITA‘s expertise is exceptional, earning a coveted reputation as a true leader in optical innovation.
etnia Etnia Barcelona is an independent eyewear brand that was founded in 2001. What sets Etnia Barcelona apart is the use of color in each design. Every pair of glasses is crafted with the highest quality natural materials. Etnia Barcelona's tagline #BeAnartist dares everyone to express themselves freely with their designs, without holding back. Etnia Barcelona is color, art, and culture, but above all, they symbolize the city that has watched them thrive: Barcelona.
ic berlin ic! berlin is a one-of-a-kind luxury eyewear brand that is German-engineered and Berlin pioneered. Their original screwless frames are unique with interlocking hinges and clean lines, yet very lightweight. These are handmade, finely crafted pieces of eyewear.
lindberg Lindberg frames are like no other frames. Each pair is made to order featuring responsibly sourced materials selected for timeless elegance, exceptional strength, and distinctive visual impact. Each frame exhibits the Danish design tradition of discreet, classic elegance and carefully considered simplicity.
masunaga The quality of Masunaga glasses is unparalleled. Every component is crafted and assembled by hand, using only the finest high-grade pure titanium and hand polished Japanese acetate. The frames display classic shapes, clean lines, and premium material. Masunaga makes their commitment to high quality frames clear in their mission statement: "We want to make a profit if we can, but we don't hesitate to take a loss.  It is always in our thoughts to manufacture excellent eyeglasses."
Maui Jim Logo Maui Jim sunglasses were born on the beaches of Maui; designed to protect eyes from the harsh rays of the island sun. Today, Maui Jim is the world’s fastest-growing premium eyewear company and is sold in more than 100 countries. Maui Jim is recognized for its unparalleled “Aloha Spirit”, customer service, and advanced, patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology. All Maui Jim sunglasses block 100 percent of harmful UV rays and eliminate glare while enhancing color, clarity, and detail. Maui Jim sunglasses have earned the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin.
moscot MOSCOT is a New York City institution renowned worldwide for its iconic eyewear. MOSCOT infuses its unmistakably refined, downtown aesthetic with over 100 years of eyewear expertise and unparalleled craftsmanship to create its timeless eyewear. While now recognized as a global fashion brand, MOSCOT remains, at heart, a neighborhood optical shop.
res rei A distinctive design coupled with an excellent handmade production have helped to make RES/REI a brand recognized for quality and innovation. The frames are carefully crafted to last years and to age beautifully. RES/REI aims to give credit to Italian craftsmanship. For this reason, RES/REI is completely made in Italy, from the first idea to the final product. Everything is about passion: from the ambition to make an innovative project, to the enthusiasm of working closely with artisans that build each frame, which are handmade in Italy with love.